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Moss Buster

Harness the power of natural plant extracts.
By combining a proprietary blend of powerful essential oils and extracts, Moss Buster® is a fast acting easy way to kill moss and other pesky bryophytes.

Moss Buster penetrates all cellular layers of moss.
It does not suppress moss growth or just burn the top layer of moss like other moss “control” products.

Once contact is made Moss Buster quickly starts rupturing the cells of moss all the way down to the plants rib line (root-like structure). The moss is killed through cell lysis.

Fast Acting!
Visual Results within 15 minutes and a full kill in 24 hours! When applied in accordance to label directions and ideal weather and temperatures.

MOSS BUSTER® is effective and has been approved by the EPA as a Biochemical Fungicide that kills moss and other harmful bryophytes.

Moss Buster - the easy way to kill moss MOSS BUSTER® FAST ACTING MOSS KILLER
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